Best Apps Similar to DuckDuckGo Browser

Best Apps Similar to DuckDuckGo Browser

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a free, open source web browser that is based on Firefox. Tor Browser lets you use Tor on any desktop or laptop computer without needing to install any additional software, and lets you access Tor over a local area network.

Vidalia Bundle

The Vidalia Bundle is a collection of tools that make it easy to configure and operate a Tor relay. It also includes the Vidalia Control Panel, a powerful and easy-to-use graphical interface for configuring and controlling a Tor relay.


Qwant is a modified version of the Chrome browser that gives you an anonymous and safe browsing experience. It is designed to protect your data and your privacy.


Brave is a browser that automatically blocks adverts and trackers, making browsing faster and safer.

Tor Browser for Android

Tor Browser for Android is a mobile version of the Tor Browser. It is a safe way to browse the Internet and is based on the same open source technologies as the desktop version.

360 Browser

360 Browser is a free and private browser that is based on Google's Chrome browser. It's designed to protect your online privacy, so you can use it without worrying about who's watching.