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DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not track its users and has a relatively clean interface. Does not filter or filter out results that do not include ads or sponsored content. Software product DuckDuckGo Browser application does not show ads. Is a find engine that focuses on privacy. Does not collect any of your information, it does not save any of your data. It does not track your searches, it does not track websites you visit. Does not use cookies. DuckDuckGo does not use scripts of any kind. Your privacy is important to them.

Company was founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg, who wrote first iteration of engine in Perl. Is still a small company with just 50 employees DuckDuckGo Browser Mac, but it has grown to be third most popular find engine in world.


The interface of app is visible and easy to use. It can be accessed by typing DuckDuckGo Browser download for Windows in search bar. Interface features a search bar, tabs for different types of content, a button to minimize app. Interface is very simplistic and easy to use. It is text based and does not allow users to perform actions such as clicking links, opening links in new windows, or highlighting text DuckDuckGo browser app. 

This may make it difficult for people who are used to using a mouse to navigate website. Is a small, lightweight browser with a modern interface. It is fast and easy to use. Browser has a search bar that you can use to quickly type in a find on internet. Search engine is on the DuckDuckGo Browser Android top of the page, on bottom of page, there is a list of websites and websites you have visited.

Software product is available for all major operating systems. Interface has a simplistic design with a search bar, an address bar, tabs, and a settings menu. Search bar at Browser is at the top of the screen and allows the user to type in website they want to visit. Below the find bar is address bar with a keyboard to enter a website. There are tabs and a settings menu.


The website is very easy to use. Is very easy to use and navigate. It is very easy to change the settings. You can change the search engine, you can change the default search engine. You can change default page to a website you want to visit. Software product download DuckDuckGo Browser PC is easy to use and has a simple design. It does not come with a lot of features that most browsers have, such as ability to download files, or sync with other devices.


DuckDuckGo does not track user activity, which is a major benefit for some people who are concerned with privacy. DuckDuckGo provides "bangs" that enable users to search other websites without leaving DuckDuckGo browser download PC. Has a lot of functionality. The browser is translated into many languages.


DuckDuckGo does not have a help center, which makes it difficult for users to get help if they are having any issues with website. Offers a lot of support. You can use a help center, and you can ask a question on their forum. You can use a feedback at DuckDuckGo Browser PC form to ask a question.


  • How does DuckDuckGo Browser install protect my privacy?
    Does not collect or share personal information such as IP addresses, cookies, or search history.

  • I’ve noticed that DuckDuckGo doesn’t filter adult content by default like other search engines. Why is that?
    The idea of blocking adult content by default is that we assume it is not usually what people want and we don’t want it to show up in search results. If you want to see adult content in your search results, you can add it to your list of blocked websites. If you want to block adult content and other websites that might be inappropriate for children, you can add them to your list of blocked websites.

  • How does DuckDuckGo Browser for Windows make money?
    We are an advertiser-supported search engine.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that was introduced in 2008. Is an alternative to Google, which was created to provide protection from sophisticated tracking techniques and to provide a search engine that does not store personal data. Is an innovative search engine that does not track users and provides helpful features such as a "bangs" function that enables users to search other websites without needing to leave. 

This article will explore its features and provide a review of install DuckDuckGo Browser application, which is a Chrome and Firefox extension. Software product is a simple, fast, private browser. It is a great browser for anyone who is interested in privacy. I would recommend this browser to everyone.

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